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304- ѹǴ ٤Ի - Aroma Massage Oil - Eucalyptus
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ѹǴ ٤Ի ѹǴһ ѺǴʻҼǡ ͹Ǵ͹¡ кع¹Ե Ф״蹢ͧǾó ش¹ѹҡҵ ҹسҹѹ ѹҧǴ ˹˹ ͹¹Фͧͼ˹ѧ ٤Իʠ ºҡäѴ١ ʴ

Aroma Massage Oil - Eucalyptus Oil Aroma Therapy and Spa treatments. To relax the muscle. Help for the circulatory system and allowing moisture and elasticity of the skin. Enriched with natural oils and valuable essential oil Orange help for relieve nasal, fresh breathing . Nourishes your skin feel moist, smooth, soft and fresh.

٤Ի (Eucalyptus) 㹡觨١

(Rosemary) µҹ͹ Ŵ ͧ

Ը : ෹ѹǴͻҳ㹺dzͧ Ǵѹŧ ͧҧ͡ µͧ ѺءҾ

To Use: Allow for 30ml for a full body massage. Best result after body scrub treatment. Suitable for all skin types.


Թ: ʺ͹ ˹ ǡ ʤѺ ѹǴʻ
304- ѹǴ  ٤Ի - Aroma Massage Oil - Eucalyptus
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