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531- š ͵ Ū - Milky Exfoliating Lotion
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š ͵ Ū ͹عشõչ٧ͧõչСչ ǹ ʴ Ŵ ѺҾº¹ âѴҧ͡š ТѴʡá ѴǷҾ ŴҺҹ ŴͧӢͧ Ŵ鹵͡Դ¹ѹԴСشѹش͡ ¼¹ Ŵ١Шҧ Ǣ鹷ѹ öѴءѹ ԴФͧ

Milky Exfoliating Lotion a dedicate natural exfoliating lotion with added intensive whey protein and glycerin help to remove dulling impurities. Leaves skin smooth, balanced, fresh, clean, radiant and white.

õչ (Whey Protein) õչ٧·Ǿó觻 ʴ Ŵ ѺҾº¹ ŴҺҹ آҾǷ

չ (Glycerin)

Ը: 颳м Ū蹾ͻҳҷǺdzǷͧ Ѵǹǧҳ 5-10 ҷ ҧ͡¹Ҵ ءѹ

To use: Dry skin apply lotion on skin and massage in circle about 5-10 minutes and rinse out. Daily using.

22.00 - 2,500.00

Թ: ˹ Ѵ
531- š ͵ Ū - Milky Exfoliating Lotion
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